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How I lost 15kgs in 12 weeks - Part 2

Lets get physical

As expected, the first session involved the scales. A full-blown weigh in with all kinds of statistics about body fat and muscle mass. ‘The moment of truth,’ Daniel had said. I hadn’t stepped on the scales for a long time - years. I had not been able to face what I knew would be confronting news.

The moment of truth was 64kgs. Not a large number but, on my tiny frame and small stature, it was more than it needed to be.

Things started to get serious when a tape measure appeared. With tailor like precision it was swiftly flung around various body parts. ‘It’s important to record a baseline,’ Daniel assured me between positioning my limbs and notating measurements. ‘Then we can see how far you have come.’

Video: The moment of truth is always memorable.

To my relief everything was very professionally, respectfully and tastefully accomplished. It was almost like being at the GP. There were no strange or horrified looks. No comments about never having witnessed my bare arms before.

Then the big question came.

‘How much weight do you want to lose?’

‘Five kilograms? I would love a flat stomach.’ I said, much like I was ordering soy sauce with my dim sims at the Fish and Chip counter.

‘Easy, done.’

Cue eye roll and laughter, from me of course. Not Daniel. He was completely serious.

‘It’s easily achievable Suzie.’

Video: Lucky for me there was no such intimidation.

As I left the studio that day I met a fellow dancing buddy. She enquired about my first training session. I made a joke that my goal was to have a body like Jennifer Lopez. My friend laughed, frankly a little too heartily and said, ‘Stranger things have happened.’ In that moment the fire that was starting to build in my belly got a little brighter. ‘Yes, they have.’

J.Lo. - 40 something body goals.

In the second session we started with the (torture) exercises.

It hurt.

It really hurt.

For the first few weeks I would pray for a phone call to reschedule. The call never came so I just kept going. Two times a week for 30 minutes. Every session was different. I discovered it was better not to know the pain that lay ahead.

Sometimes it felt like I wasn’t doing much. Other times I was close to death.

In parallel to training I was asked to follow a bespoke nutrition plan. I discovered diet is almost an offensive word in professional training circles. Perhaps because the word diet implies the short term – something you eventually come off. This was a plan for life - an education in how to eat.

At a high level, the plan is based on not eating carbohydrates (carbs) and fats together. Some days are marked just for eating fats, protein and vegetables, some days for carbs, protein and vegetables and other days you can eat whatever you like. In practice I found it relatively easy to follow because there weren’t any foods you couldn’t eat. It was just a matter of what day of the week you could eat them.

Food and my relationship with it is a whole topic within itself and one I will cover in future posts. For now, I’ll summarise by saying I took the same approach to food as I did training and for the most part, followed the plan.

Video: My relationship with food will be covered in future posts.

Around week four some things had changed.

The pain had lessened.

I started to feel stronger.

I started to look stronger.

My waist introduced itself.

My arms shrunk.

My face had a smidgen of bone structure.

Oh, and I achieved my goal – I was five kilograms down. Woohoo!

Video: Working out at the training studio.

And for the first time in a long time, I looked forward to getting on the scales. Just once a week. Every Saturday after my dance classes. Before my shower (didn't want that excess water weight.) Each week I lost one or two kilograms. The results were extremely motivating. By week 12 I had lost 15 kilograms. My arms had tone. My stomach, after four pregnancies, was flat. I was completely beside myself with the achievement.

Toning up.

And that’s how I did it. And that’s how I continue to do it. At one stage I even intentionally put on weight through muscle growth.

I know I’m making it sound easy, almost like I clicked my fingers and voila – toned and slender. You know what the funny part is? After years of deliberating, agonising, covering up and stressing about weight, the solution itself wasn’t as hard to implement and stick to as I thought it would be. The hard part was being in the right state of mind. Committing myself to doing something practical and achievable rather than daydreaming about overnight success. Then matching my determination and mindset to a solution that worked – one with longevity and some actual science behind it.

I'm a self-made meme.

Without question who we are on the inside is far more important than who we are on the outside. But there is something to be said about feeling physically strong, fit and healthy. It’s hard to put a price on that feeling.

For me it’s not about being skinny. I don’t even like that description. I’m going to sound a little Oprahesque and meme like, but for me it’s about being the best version of you and that looks and feels different for everyone. And for the record my body isn’t the same as it was at 20 or 30. It has all the natural wear and tear that comes with age, having children and prior weight gain. Thank goodness for spray tans and push-up bras.

Finally, a shameless plug for my training studio and Ryan aka Daniel Jaime. To book a training session with Daniel call 0431 132 044. You can buy the nutrition plan online @ Or to join me for a dance class check out Satori Studios @, I'd love to see you and you never know, stranger things could happen to you too.

What do you think? Do you agree mindset is the key? Have you had a similar experience? I would love to hear about it.

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